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Blarney Castle

The next site we visited was Blarney Castle in Cork. Legend says that kissing the Blarney Stone gives you  ‘the gift of the gab.’ I’m not convinced though because I kissed the stone and am as quiet as ever. The tradition is over 200 years old.  In order to kiss the stone, you have to lean backwards (over an opening) and hold on to a railing. A little scary for those afraid of heights, but worth it. 

Ireland: day one

I spent a semester in Ireland in 2008 and decided to blog about it now. Click here to read the first post.

After a week spent on campus in Indiana, our group had begun to feel like family. The day we arrived in Ireland is somewhat of a blur. As we landed at the Shannon airport, we couldn’t believe we were finally there. As cheesy as it sounds, the minute I walked out of the airport I felt, in a way, like I was home. Then we got on our tour bus and went to McDonalds. Then we really felt at home 😉 

We were supposed to stay awake all day to lessen jet lag. Our first stop was Muckross House in Killarney.
Muckross House was finished in 1843. The original owners spent about 6 years preparing for Queen Victoria’s visit. They spent tons of money into it, hoping to impress her. The Queen only stayed for two nights. The owners had financial problems after her visit and eventually had to give the house up. 
Click here to learn more about Muckross House.
We headed back into town and had dinner at our hotel. I don’t remember much else about that day. Just pure excitement, sleepiness, and my first time experiencing Irish rain.   

If a picture was really worth 1,000 words…

…I’d have over 8,000,000 words about my time in Ireland. I spent my first semester of college there and have a lot of photos that I haven’t done much with. So I’ve decided to occasionally post some here and maybe share about my favorite places and memories. It was an experience that is almost unexplainable because it meant so much. Hopefully you’ll get a glimpse of what it was like without being too bored:)