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Welcome to my new blog/website! It’s still a work in progress. I lost a few old blog posts in the transition.

Speaking of changes, I just graduated from college last week! I’m back in Ohio and excited for the upcoming weddings I’m photographing. It’s strange to transition from college to the ‘real’ world, but I’m excited to have the freedom to focus on what I choose, without worrying about classes or homework! Since I haven’t blogged lately, I’m planning on catching up on some photos that I’d like to share.

On film

In an Irish accent the word ‘film’ is pronounced ‘fillum.’ It was one of my favorite words to hear in Ireland. Anyways, a while ago I came across an album of photographs I took when my love of photography was just beginning. They were taken on my mom’s old film camera. Looking through them, I remember taking pictures simply because I enjoyed it. It was a peaceful and calming break from everyday life. So here are a few…